There is nothing nicer than going into a bathroom, and it has flowers, the right colors, pictures. In other words, it has the best decoration, and the main thing is that it smells good 100% of the time. 

Years ago, bathrooms had to be simple, without many things, just the towel, and that is it. That was all, but nowadays, the world has changed, and fashion has evolved. Today I will show you the trends that will mark this year for having a stylish bathroom.

I only tell you three words: Elegant and modern.

Let’s talk about materials. 

The more natural, the better, then resort to wood, stone, marble, glass, and some golden metals. They give an incredible touch. 

Wood, you can use it as a wall, floor, or shelf or accompany a piece of furniture. It gives a clean, fresh, warm texture, and your bathroom will look luxurious. Take a risk and go out of the conventional way.

The most used marble colors will be gray, white, and red tones, along with fissures or kind of cracks. Along with the glass will give it a simple but exceptional look. 

Also, both marble and stones will be used a lot as a shelf or for the sink. It will give you a very natural, elegant, and contemporary look. 

Don’t be afraid to use golden metals; they are very trendy. Your bathroom will have a lot of glamour, light and will contract very well with the natural decoration I am referring to.

When I talk about very natural is because it is so, the world has become more aware of the environment and caring for nature. So placing two ribbons, and hanging your towel on a stick, will combine very well.

The walls will no longer be totally smooth, for example, in the shape of mosaic, or thin horizontally as 5 centimeters or vertically, either in stone or marble. The idea is to play with different textures. 

Now, we could paint walls with different geometric figures; the idea is that they are not uniform. Or if you form the silhouette of a leaf. Believe me; it will look spectacular.

Cement, sandy, marble, stone, wood, metal is today’s thing. 

Well, we already have the materials, now let’s get to the decoration.

The materials will be the faucets, and they will be very vintage style, classic and that sena golden metal, gray, matte, and accompanied by marble, stone, wood, Much better. But, another trend is to use double sinks.

Now, we already know that in wintertime the cold is terrible. So, the trend will be to use heaters with original proposals and very much in line with this year’s trend. It should match your decor and not look like the typical heater that makes you lose your bathroom style.


The showers should be small and the bathtub big. You should walk in no small spaces, and if you add a shower with massages, you will want to bathe very often.

Lighting is critical; it should look natural, mirrors of different shapes, square, round, rectangular, and large. +

You must add to your decoration a plant, either aerial or to put it on a shelf, and the main thing is that it smells delicious, it is useless if it looks nice and smells terrible. So don’t forget to have your Petit poo kit in the bathroom. 

Our scents combine perfectly with the decor that will be trendy.

Green Apple

Sugar flower-teen


Oasis men

Fresh clouds

Don’t forget!

There is nothing uglier than to see the mess in the bathroom, and it damages all the decoration and your great effort you put into having a beautiful bathroom. So it would help if you made a big cabinet, where you can keep the hairdryer, towels, makeup and everything you need.

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