Bad smell: We already know why we poop right after eating and how to avoid unpleasant odors; use petitpoo before going to the bathroom. But has it ever happened to you that the toilet has a sewer smell when you enter one? 

With this terrible smell, we can have dizziness, headaches, minds begin to play tricks on us, and even respiratory problems. 



Have you ever heard about odor pollution? 

When the smells are pretty unpleasant, polluting the environment and affecting the air quality of human beings. Of course, the city where you live comes to mind; every day, we see in the media, the Internet, social networks images of people dumping garbage on the street, factories that affect the air, buses, anyway. 

Yes, it is all that and more. 

Pollution is an invisible problem for us. I know you can’t control the city, but, for example, you eat a packet of cookies, instead of throwing it out on the street, look for a bin, and if there isn’t, Well, you keep it until you find one. It’s not that complicated.¬†

What are the terrible smells consequences? 

  • You can get viruses, bacteria, fungi (You already know the essential cleaning recommendation for coronavirus, wash your hands)¬†
  • Respiratory diseases such as asthma¬†
  • Bronchitis¬†
  • Flu¬†
  • Pneumonia, among others¬†
  • Eye irritation¬†
  • Your throat itches¬†
  • Loss of appetite¬†
  • Headache¬†
  • Digestive problems like diarrhea¬†
  • Threw up¬†
  • Nausea
  • Bad smell

Another inevitable consequence is

People start to move away, social rejection, gossip, voice to voice, and this sooner or later affects people’s mental health.

Now let’s talk about unpleasant odors that are in our homes or workplace but that we can avoid¬†

  • A can¬†
  • Siphons¬†
  • The cat litter¬†
  • A bathroom¬†
  • The environment in general¬†

Why does my bathroom smell like poo? 

  • Sewer smell: It has like gas; it smells like a rotten egg; it is toxic and sick.¬†
  • When the toilet has not been used for a long time, water tends to stagnate and therefore begins to smell bad.¬†
  • Pipes may be damaged and need servicing. In these cases, it also produces a foul odor that causes vomiting¬†
  • Be careful if the pipes are old or have not been changed for some time. They accumulate bacteria and obstruct them, generating this smell that we hate so much¬†
  • There are no windows in the bathroom¬†
  • Not having an odor blocker in the bathroom¬†

How to get rid of the bad smell from the toilet drain? 

Petit Poo is a Toilet Odor blocker SO THAT YOU FEEL CALM!, It gives you 300 or 150 moments of tranquility. It is a powerful spray/dropper with different scents used for the office, an aesthetic, shopping centers, Spa, premises, small shops, Everywhere you can use our Petit Poo. 

How to make the toilet bowl smell good? 

  • It is not an air freshener¬†
  • Does not mix odors¬†
  • Does not make sounds¬†
  • Single dosed¬†
  • Acts BEFORE the odor is exposed¬†
  • Blocks up to 98% of foul odors¬†
  • Environmental friendly¬†

How to remove the foul smell coming from the toilet 

  • Use petitpoo BEFORE going to the bathroom and sit quietly¬†
  • You have other alternative uses¬†
  • Apply three drops in dropper version or three sprays in institutional/home size¬†
Bibliographic reference 

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