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The chocolate emoji is one of the best known; we always thought it was poo when it is a rich and delicious chocolate ice cream cone. So today, I want to touch on this topic, but not how you think it.

The question I want to answer: Is it valid that chocolate causes diarrhea or constipation?


The chocolate

Chocolate is a mixture of sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk, coloring; sometimes, it has fruits. Cocoa is native to Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. In addition, it contains carbohydrates, sugar, fats, proteins, water, vitamin A, E, K, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc.


Data you should know.

  • July 7 is the international chocolate day.
  • Generates new cells
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Carries oxygen
  • Helps bone development
  • Great for the heart
  • For the bones
  • Eliminates stress (generates endorphins)
  • Memory memory
  • In its moderate consumption, it can reduce cholesterol
  • It has a great benefit, and it is that it quenches the desire to eat something
  • A friend in times of depression
  • It has a large amount of fiber

Cosmetic properties: Have you heard of chocolate on the skin?

  • Eliminate dead cells
  • Avoid skin irritation
  • Moisturizes the complexion
  • Antioxidant
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Expression lines
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improves circulation
  • Ideal for sunburns
  • Against free radicals
  • Ingredient in cosmetic products
Diarrhea or constipation

Please consider a couple of details: we already know the benefits of chocolate both for the health part and for the cosmetic aspect. However, that is no excuse for eating 200 pounds of chocolate.

For example, in my case, I have hypoglycemia, and I am aware that I must take care of the consumption of chocolate since it can cause me a lot of damage. The same thing can happen to you, and if you overindulge and start eating uncontrollably, you could become indigestible or sick.

Chocolate can cause peristaltic movements.

After eating chocolate, it causes movements, contractions, makes everything move internally from one side to the other without stopping. This gets the nutrients absorbed into the blood travel through the small intestine and ultimately resulted in the large intestine.

We already saw that chocolate contains cocoa; it is its main ingredient, which is very similar to caffeine. You and I already saw what caffeine has to do with poo.

When it causes peristaltic movements, it causes diarrhea; this is not a lie due to the content of which chocolate is made.

Now, it is also said to cause constipation, and this is also partly true.

This constipation is caused by indigestion; when this happens, your body begins to behave slowly and, therefore, prevents the digestion processes from stalling.

So the myth is true: it causes diarrhea and constipation.

Now, if you are indigestible with chocolate and have constipation, it does not mean that you continue eating to get diarrhea. Things don’t work like that.

Chocolate poop

Regardless of whether you got diarrhea or constipation when you put emoji chocolate in the toilet, you should use Petit Poo. The smell will be the same, and if people surround you, it is much worse. Others don’t have to pay for your visit to the bathroom that way.

Do you know what to do if you go to the bathroom?

I do.

First: go to the bathroom

Second: Apply 2 or 3 drops of Petit poo in the toilet

Third: sit quietly and make your chocolate emoji

Fourth: come out of the bathroom happy, and nobody smells your problem.

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