Do probiotics help with constipation? In recent days we touched on prebiotics, probiotics, constipation, diarrhea, and other diseases related to the digestive system. So today, I want to tell you Valeria’s story. She sent us her testimony, and I want to share it with you.

Can probiotics cause constipation or just the opposite? They can help

Valeria, when she was tiny, ate everything, didn’t like anything, and was thin. She could have breakfast, eggs, sausage, pancakes, chocolate with marshmallows, bread, repeat, have lunch two times, have a snack, or eat anything.

But, the sweet 15 years arrived, and she says that she was reaching that age so that her organism would change. That is, everything she ate, she could tell, she began to gain weight little by little, and it was at that moment when her mother told her, “you have two options:” you start to take care of yourself, or you end up weighing 200 pounds.”

Then it was time to change the thought.

From that age, she began to take care of herself, to be more moderate to eat, and, above all, to consume less flour, reduce fast food and be more conscientious in her daily meals. But, her life was sedentary.

Years later

In her daily life, she drank a lot of water a day, more salad, fruits, vegetables. She rarely ate hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs and went on a thousand diets. However, in this process of caring for herself, she opted for not-so-healthy diets.

The formula was this: few calories a day equals safe weight loss.

Valeria tells us a phrase, “never resort to this thought because it damaged my body.”

She refers to the fact that she began to suffer from constipation, and despite drinking water, it was not enough to poop quietly. So, Valeria solved it by buying laxative pills to force the body to poo.

At first, she took one pill, then 2, and one day she realized one thing “was not enough.” So she got to have four sprinkles. In the end, those four were not enough until one day, a specialist told him, “the day will come that not even taking 50 pills you will be able to do a poo.”

Can Probiotics Help With Constipation?

She wanted to resort to natural solutions that do not affect her life nor her digestive system.

She mixes in the blender: papaya and aloe vera. If you want, you can add a little oatmeal. (You take this before breakfast)

To the previous papaya, aloe vera smoothie, add orange. Then, if you want, add oatmeal.

She also bought a fiber: she added three tablespoons of yarn to an orange juice, and you drink one bottle of water. (Always took this at night)

The next thing Valeria recommends is going to a nutritionist. The doctor gave her a special diet, eating healthy, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates. Her idea was to think one thing “food is not the enemy; touch is to have a balance.”

In addition, she began to consume foods rich in probiotics, including foods containing fiber.

Do probiotics 2
 Overtime: do probiotics help with constipation?

Her new eating habit resulted in: pooping freel

So, she had to run several times to the bathroom and avoid the foul smell in every bathroom she used; she applied Petit Poo. She carried the dropper for the purse, and the spray kept it in the bathroom. In this way, no one found out about her going to her restroom.

So, to the initial question: do probiotics help with constipation? The answer is yes.


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