Don't worry about bad smells in the toilet

Don’t worry about bad smells in the toilet: Going into a bathroom and finding a toilet spray makes our day better, and we are delighted. Because you imagine this outlook, we go in we do poo. Moreover, we don’t see anything around. Then It’s better to search on the internet for What is the best toilet odor spray.

What is an air freshener?

An air freshener does perfume the place; that’s it; it does not remove the smell; it masks it, which is different. For this to happen, you need a substance, chemical or synthetic compound that facilitates the dispersion of its other odors.

In other words, they are unhealthy since they emit some particles, and even if we do not perceive them, they remain in our bodies.

Other air fresheners require heat to take effect, although it is true, they do perfume the place, but they can be toxic. So it would help if you thought about that.

Nowadays, there are many ways to make an air freshener. As simple as using the flowers themselves, the process is carried out, and a natural perfume comes out.


There are different types of air fresheners:

  • Natural
  • Chemicals
  • Candles
  • Sprays
  • Essences
  • The famous diffusers

Let’s talk about flavorings.

It is very similar to the setting that it is, to perfume the place, with the difference that there are flavorings of natural origin. That is, taken from the essence of flowers, plants, wood, etc.

But if you go into the bathroom and use a fragrance. Do you think it will eliminate the smell?

I leave it for you to reflect on.

There are several types of flavorings.

  • As I mentioned before, natural
  • For cosmetic use
  • Synthetics
  • For kitchen use

What is the common between air freshener and flavoring?

Perfume the place, but if you use the bathroom, it does not eliminate the smell.

There is a big difference when you use a toilet odor eliminator, and Petit Poo has that feature.

How to fix the smell of the toilet?

Apply Petit Poo version Personal Dropper or an Institutional BEFORE using the toilet, and that’s it, sit down.


If you are in Washington enjoying its fascinating architecture. You are taking a walk through the Capitol, in the National Mall, or it is simply a Sunday, the perfect day to visit the National Zoo.

Avoid worries when you go to public restrooms. If you have Petit Poo in your pockets, I promise you will never have anguish.


But if you find yourself in Philadelphia, and you decide to visit some museums such as American Revolution or Benjamin Franklin. If you have petitpoo, you will not mind entering any bathroom.

What is petitpoo?

Petit Poo is a Toilet Odor blocker so that YOU WILL FEEL CALM! It gives you 300 or 150 moments of tranquility.

Eliminate the smell

  • Does not make noise
  • You get it at an excellent price
  • Dosed use
  • Eliminates 98% of odors
  • Natural ingredients
  • It is friendly to the ozone layer

Don’t worry about bad smells in the toilet

Where can I buy petitpoo? You know at PETITPOO.COM

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Revolution kit: For Master poopers

The ultimate kit: The one you need on every occasion

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Do you already understand better the difference between each one?

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