Dream about diarrhea 2
Dream about diarrhea 2

Dream about diarrhea: What does this mean? I tell you that I recently talked with my family about strange dreams and tried to investigate what they could be. My aunt says, “I recently had diarrhea,”

and obviously, it is not a dream or beautiful or pleasant. So we started investigating, and today, I want to share with you what we found.

What does it mean if you dream of diarrhea?

As far as we know and we have researched throughout our blogs, if we have diarrhea, it is a sign that something is not right with our body, some food may be intolerant, or simply lunch had something that our stomach could not assimilate well.

Diarrhea in dreams

In other words, you are a very emotional, impulsive person who thinks to act, and you do not work to believe in other words. So this dream is trying to give you some advice: you should feel better, ration carefully and do not make any decision lightly because it could be harming you in the future.

At that moment, we realized one thing: my aunt has always been impulsive in all her decisions, which has brought her consequences. So far, the dream was logical with her personality.

Although in this search, we find other meanings

If you have diarrhea

You have problems or internal conflicts that your subconscious tells you “solve your problems so that you can sleep peacefully” in more practical words, that means, put life in order.

Diarrhea is yours

You have a tremendous economic loss, either due to a bad business, an immense debt, or the other possibility is the absence of a loved one, suddenly you went to live in another country, and your subconscious tells you “it is affecting your life whole” and more if it is the individual part, you have a massive imbalance.

If you dream that you play with poo

We have spoken that the poop in dreams if it has to do with success, triumph, is positive, but what happens if you play with it. Will it be the same?

When we are waiting for something, what we do is go around; we touch something over and over again and repeat the action.

If we dream that we play with poo, it is that we are very anxious, afraid of an economic failure, and you are terrified that your life is in danger.

Bloody diarrhea

Here the meaning is only one, you behave in a certain way with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family, and these actions are causing them to move away from you. So, the dream is a piece of advice that it gives you to reflect and change with all people, or else you will be left alone.

A lot of diarrhea in excess

You have so many problems in your life that you don’t know how to deal with them, and you prefer to run away and not think about it. So this dream tells you that you must solve this so that you start smiling at your life.

If you get diarrhea in front of other people

You went through a too shameful moment in your life; this is generating internal conflicts, you cannot sleep, nor are you able to face the situation.

Now, if you dream with: green diarrhea.

It is a warning that you are surrounded by certain people who are talking bad about you, so this dream tells you to be careful and be aware of who you are talking to.

Dream About Petit Poo

It is a strong indicator that you urgently need to use Petit Poo BEFORE using the bathroom to avoid foul odors. Also, he is showing you the kits.

Dream about diarrhea 1

Happy kit: 1 cloud industrial size (institutional blue), one green apple dropper, and one strawberry dropper

Revolution kit: 1 cloud and one oasis men industrial / home size

The ultimate kit: 1 cloud dropper, one cloud industrial / home size, and one sugar flower dropper

Endurance kit: 1 green apple dropper, one strawberry dropper, and one cloud dropper

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