Poop anxiety: Why do we get nervous poo when we are stressed? Having stress is very typical; we have all been like this at some time, and we react differently. Many people get stressed more quickly than others, suddenly a bad look, an answer, a moment, having to wait or because things did not go as we wanted.



Anxiety and poo

The gastrointestinal system is connected to many nervous systems, and they are connected to the brain.This causes stress to affect the digestive system, causing diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, slow transit, gastroesophageal reflux, peptic ulcers, in short.

The issue goes beyond having stress.


Poo gives me anxiety

  1. Did you know that the intestine is also known as the second brain?
  2. The digestive system, depending on the signal it is receiving, decides whether to evacuate poo, diarrhea, or says: I don’t want to send anything
  3. You don’t need your brain to give an order
  4. 50% of the poo is bacteria
  5. Microbes are small pets that live in our bodies. They are caused by the diet we eat
  6. Serotonin affects bodily functions and is a neurotransmitter. Furthermore, 80% of it is found in the gastrointestinal system. So if we get stressed. Well, you see where I’m going …
  7. Thinking that food will hurt you, you are sending a message and immediately internally does its process. This causes diarrhea.
  8. Emotions, food, stress, anguish will always end in nervous poo.
  9. You are in control of making a change so that your digestive system does not affect you
  10. Poop anxiety

How to handle it?

Technique 1: Learn to breathe

He resorts to yoga, and one of his practices is Pranayama: If we examine the word prana, it means breath, energy, and Yama or, it is controlled. This combines the mental, the physical, and meditation.


When the lungs expand, it occurs vertically and horizontally, displacing the diaphragm up to 4 centimeters. When we do it usually, it only does it 1 cm.

Technique 2: For the body and soul

Reflexotherapy is a technique that focuses on the feet and hands, manipulating certain strategic areas to treat the whole body.

It serves for

  • Eliminates toxins and poop anxiety
  • Energizes
  • Best for stress
  • Regulates sleep
  • Eliminates muscle tension
  • Headache
  • Helps with problems related to the brain
  • Improves circulation, the immune and digestive system

Technique 3: Pure Energy

Reiki is a therapy initially from Japan and was invented by the Buddhist Mikao Usui. And if we define the word etymologically, it means: Rei is Universal, and Ki is vital energy.


  • Achieve a spiritual connection between body and mind.
  • Anxiety and stress
  • When we are not at our best, reiki is the best
  • For example, general body pains
  • For cancer (its main objective is to give you physical and spiritual strength to fight during this process)

Technique 4: Do you like to color mandalas?

  • For stress and anxiety
  • Have peace (emotion management)
  • Psychological therapies
  • Form of meditation
  • Develop creativity
  • Is an expression way
  • Spiritual connection
  • You have fun

Technique 5: Lifestyle

Tai Chi, this martial art, is practiced as a therapeutic alternative to treat mental, physical, and spiritual problems.

It serves for

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Fight stress
  • The nerves
  • Gives peace to the mind
  • Combat blood pressure
  • If you have insomnia, this is ideal
  • Eliminates headaches, back pain, migraine, etc.

Technique 6: Balance

Acupuncture, a word derived from Latin meaning “needle” and “prick,” is an ancient Chinese medicine technique that treats physical pain and consists of introducing superfine needles in different specific areas of the body.

Technique 7: Find a hobby

  • Exercise, practice Pilates, aromatherapy,
  • Meditate, write
  • If you like animals, spend time with them
  • Call someone
  • Drink tea, light candles, don’t drink caffeine

In conclusion

We are in a time where everything causes stress, and say poo gives me anxiety, why do I have anxiety when I poo. You already know that its consequences are too many, problems in mental and physical health. Among those, it can cause digestive issues, so always load your Petit Poo, 2 or 3 drops BEFORE using the bathroom, and that’s it.

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Take care of yourself, Plus. Stress