When wondering why your poo stinks, worry about having the bathroom smelling delicious and instead buy a poo deodorant, so today I will get you out of doubt and tell you a wonderful secret.


How to prevent poo from sticking to the toilet bowl

I will tell you four excellent secrets


Which ones are their ingredients


The strawberry is native to the Alps, Europe, and later, a tremendous Chilean variety arrived, achieving a larger fruit, today there are more than 160 species.

This fruit is one of the most popular fruits and the most palatable for children and adults. For example, a strawberry ice cream, a milkshake, a cake, a salad, or the popular strawberry with a cream, is the richest; strawberries have a delightful taste, texture, and, above all, a delightful smell.

Now, do you understand its particular aroma?

Why does it smell like that? That is the magic of the strawberry, so Petit Poo has an aroma like that, Strawberry Flake.

Tree of paradise:

This tree belongs to the Meliaceae family; it can reach a height between 7 to 8 meters, a diameter of 5 meters, and its silver leaves characterize it. Also, its flowers are yellow and aromatic.

They are known because they are aromatic flowers; their smell is inexplicable.


  • Its flowers are scented
  • They bloom in April and May
  • It is used in gardening for its aroma
  • An essential oil is extracted from its seeds.
  • It grows very fast and its foliage is quite dense

Sugar flower:

Better known as Begonia, this is a herbaceous plant. It is native to Brazil and belongs to the Begoniaceae family. It can reach a height between 30 cm to 35 cm; its leaves are enormous, greenish, dark, or brown. Its flowers are pale pink, intense or red.


  • It can be red, pink or orange.
  • Must be in a hot and humid climate
  • There are more than 800 species
  • It is considered or beautiful exemplary
  • Has a fantastic smell

Essential oils:

It is the plant’s essence; it is an extract from the flowers, the tree in general, the leaves, the wood, the root, the peel of the fruits.

In short, it takes the best of the plant, and this turns into a delicious fragrance.

Do you understand better now?

When deciding on a scent, it is because it has a unique characteristic: petitpoo thinks on you, around you, and that is why I create five different scents for you to apply BEFORE using the toilet.

So don’t ask yourself again: Why does my bathroom smell?

Instead, ask yourself: Where to buy petitpoo? www.petitpoo.com

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