How to pronounce poop

How to pronounce poop? Weird question, right? I started to analyze that we have touched on many topics related to the subject of poo, but we should start with the basics to understand its entire process, diseases that exist.

What is poop

The poop, excrement, feces, fecal material, or whatever you want to call it, is simply the result after ingesting food, and those that were not properly absorbed by the digestive system becomes poo.

What does the bristol stool scale mean?

A study carried out by Heaton and Lewis from the University of Bristol, located in the United Kingdom, was done to classify the type of stool.

Finally, as a result, it was classified into seven types of stool.

Type 1

This is the worst of constipation that you should never suffer. Because, first, no matter how hard you do, you can’t do anything, not even the size of a pea, and if you manage to do something, it’s small stones, like the size of a peanut or something like that.

In addition, it is tough for you to expel a little bit.

Type 2

This is still constipation but manageable; it is not as severe as type 1. It usually comes out as small elongated pieces.

Type 3 and 4

It is considered normal.

  1. The poop has cracks; it is a little the size of a huge sausage. But if you feel like doing it, it comes out easily
  2. This is about the size of a sausage, but it is smooth and mushy. Also, when you want to poo, you will have no problem.

Type 5

This one is hard to tell if it is normal or not.

When you poo, its shape is well defined, but it sucks terribly (I’m not telling you that the rest of the poop doesn’t smell ugly, but this one is fetid)

If it has these characteristics, it means that in your diet, you should consume more fiber.

Type 6

You have some diarrhea, but it is not serious either.

Its consistency is somewhat soft; its edges are irregular, it stinks terribly.

Type 7

This is the typical case of extreme diarrhea.

Its consistency is equal to that of urine. That is to say, totally liquid.

How to pronounce poop

What should you consume if you have constipation?

  • 100% fiber
  • Integral food
  • Grains, beans, peas, chickpeas,
  • Fruits like apple, pear, red berries
  • Nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, seeds, etc.
  • Vegetables
  • Do not eat fatty foods, fast food, frozen meals.

If you have diarrhea

  • No dairy or anything that contains sugar
  • Refined flours
  • Bread
  • Rice, pasta, cereal,
  • Oatmeal
  • Cornflakes
  • Vegetables
  • Carbohydrates in general
  • Fruit
  • Avoid food that causes gas, no carbonated liquid, no caffeine, alcoholic beverages.

Other curious facts

  • We generally do 128 grams of poop a day
  • It is an excellent fertilizer
  • The main compound in poop is water. So that’s one of the problems with not getting enough.In addition, it is composed of certain bacteria that our body says: “you must get them out of here.”
  • Be careful if you suffer from constipation. You can get hemorrhoids or cardiovascular problems.
  • How to pronounce poop: The poop smells terrible due to its composition: methyl sulfides, indole, escarole, and hydrogen sulfide (This is found in food, such as vegetables, eggs, etc.)

    So how to poop is normal and part of our daily life. But, first, use a sanitary odor remover, so those foul smells don’t affect the lives of others.

If you do not care about others smell.

How to pronounce poop. Remember that you are not alone in the world. If you were the only survivor on planet earth, I would tell you. But, yes, you are right.

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