In a pinch for bad smells 2
In a pinch for bad smells 2

In a pinch for bad smells: Ready for today’s new story? Our protagonist is called Rachel, and the antagonist is called Adele, yes our friend begins her message since she will tell us a mini-story as taken from Netflix, but this is true.

I have to clarify that Rachel’s mother sent this story.


She is a 15-year-old pre-teen; she dreams of being a chef, so she is a fan of a renowned chef named Rachel Ray, so she lives proudly that she has the same superhero name. In addition, she tells us that she has her books, has seen all the television programs, follows each of her recipes to the letter.

So it is expected that every weekend our future professional chef surprises with some exceptional food.

Rachel’s mom tells us that she has a lot of talent.

At school

Rachel is an average student, that is, she doesn’t have an “A” all the time, but she doesn’t get bad grades either, that’s why she lets her go to parties, meet her friends, stay at someone’s house, go

to the movie theater. The mother says, “as long as she comes to me with good grades and behaves well, I don’t see any problem in giving her those permits.”

Likewise, at school she behaves well and is never really involved in any problem, she has a group of 5 friends, her best friend is called Daphne, they have known each other literally since they were in diapers, they have the dream of staying together at school, in college, and they even have what their marriages will be like and vowed to be their children’s godmothers.

At home

There are three siblings, Rachel is the middle one, the oldest is 18 years old, and the youngest is 11 years old.

Each one has different personalities, we already saw that our friend is calm, the little one is a naughty first class, and the oldest is in the stage of being independent, adult and what a shame to be with the family (she is happy because she is about to enter the University and moving to Miami, currently living in Pasadena, California)

Rachel’s parents have been married for 20 years; they are a stable couple, with the normal fights of every marriage. They met in college, had a boyfriend for five years, and finally got married.


Adele is a classmate of Rachel’s school; she is also 15 years old, she is an only child, she comes from a wealthy family from Calabasas, California. She is used to the fact that she always has what she asks for, the best brands trip around the world, a private driver, she does very well in school and is the typical popular girl that everyone wants to be like her.

Rachel and Adele do not get along very well; the two look at each other badly and always try to be apart. (I think the best thing is that not getting together to avoid trouble)

In a pinch

Rachel’s mother wanted to send us this story because her daughter Rachel and her partner Adele had a compatibility problem, and in the bathroom, they had to be the same. So Adele gave thanks to Petit Poo, who cannot even make rose poo with the world’s gold.

Happykit: A tiny spot of happiness

Revolutionkit: For Master poopers

Theultimatekit: The one you need on every occasion

Endurancekit: For great poops!

Wait for the second part of our story, “in a pinch for bad smells.”

In a pinch for bad smells 1

Happy kit: A tiny spot of happiness

Revolution kit: For Master poopers

The ultimate kit: The one you need on every occasion

Endurance kit: For great poops!

Wait for the second part of our story, “in a pinch for bad smells.”



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