Air Freshener: Imagine this scenario, you enter your home, office, you are on a visit, suddenly you have to go to the bathroom, you remind Petitpoo commercial, and you are just going to do poo. Sure, so far normal, but if you look around and there is no odor eliminator. That’s when you start to sweat and suffer because you want a bath spray.

You want to run away and enjoy the earth swallowing you. But in some cases, if you find something with a different scent. There you feel I am safe, nobody noticed, I don’t know if you knew, but the function of those things is to combine that nasty smell, but it doesn’t eliminate it.


They are two different things.

  • What is the best bathroom deodorant? Today you will have the answer.
  • How the smell is produce

An odor is produced when the olfactory system detects dust, vapor, decomposed gases in the air. There are different kinds of smells: Pleasant, such as the smell of food, perfume, a cosmetic product, fruit. But there are others, not so good.

Features of an odor eliminator:

  • Tackles the root problem. It does not combine the smell to disguise what you did. This one takes away that pestilence
  • Apply it once, and you can see the difference
  • Does not mix smells. When you use an odor remover, you will not feel different scents like cinnamon, sandalwood, etc. This one is odorless because it focuses on only one thing.
  • They are made with natural ingredients
  • Friendly for people with any allergy

What is an odor freshener:

Air freshener: They are substances responsible for perfuming the place, but even if you think that the smell is no longer there. The perfume disguises the stench but did not remove it. It is generally found in different presentations and with multiple names.

But what characterizes them:

  • They are made with chemicals
  • Frames the odor but does not remove it
  • Its effect is limited, so you have to use it again for it to take effect
  • Due to their unnatural substances, it is very likely that allergy sufferers cannot use certain fragrances of these products.

Do you already understand the difference?

How to remove the smell coming from the toilet bowl

Our new concept to block foul toilet odors gives you 300 or 150 moments of tranquility. It is a powerful spray or dropper with different scents used for the office, home, shopping centers, in the house of your family, friends, travel. You can use our Petitpoo everywhere.

The best deodorant for the bathroom is for:

  • It is not an air freshener
  • Does not mix odors
  • Does not make sounds
  • Single dosed
  • Act BEFORE the odor is exposed
  • Blocks up to 98% of foul odors
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Apply it BEFORE using the bathroom
  • Only with 2 or 3 drops or sprays

How does Petit Poo work?

Using Petit Poo is very easy. Apply two sprays to the toilet BEFORE using it and “sit still.”

Find them at:

Happy kit: 1 cloud industrial size (institutional blue), one green apple dropper, and one strawberry dropper

Revolution kit: 1 cloud and one oasis men industrial / home size

The ultimate kit: 1 cloud dropper, one cloud industrial / home size, and one sugar flower dropper

Endurance kit: 1 green apple dropper, one strawberry dropper, and one fresh clouds dropper

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