Legs going 2
Legs going 2

Legs going numb: in the previous blog, I started to tell you the story of Rachel and Adele. Their routine life, their problems, and the situation they lived through. So today, I will continue to tell you what happened. Please pay close attention because it can also happen to you, to me, and anyone.


I introduced you to all the characters in this story in the first part, so you already know the details you should know.

So let’slet’s start that day.


It was Wednesday, school day, class day, exam day, a job presentation. In other words, a typical day while studying.

Rachel started her routine for the day: she got up, got ready, had breakfast, her mother took her to school, she looked for her friends while they started their first class of the day.

Adele arrived at school; she looked for her friends, walking imposingly and looking at her classmates over her shoulder.

Minutes later, the bell rings, so all the students go to their classrooms.

The teacher greets her, begins her class, and hands out the history exams; an hour later, they change styles, and the following subject “biology,” begins. This was the class of the exhibitions, that day Andrew started, and then they went one by one.

Until Adele’sAdele’s turn came, she turned on the computer where she had her presentation. Suddenly, the power cable began to fail, after three eternal minutes, the problem was solved.

Later, the program did not open to him; there it had already been 5 minutes. So Adele decided to get started and turned to the sheets she had printed.

Oh, surprise! She was left at her house; she remembered that she had left them above the dining room.

Or rather, Adele started badly. She finally finished exposing, although the computer never served her.

After Rachel passed, she did well, and she had no problems.

It’sIt’s lunchtime

Adele came out of the room running and in a bad temper. (Sure, it didn’tdidn’t go very well), while her friends took care of her and dated her.

For her part, Rachel went out with her friends to look for lunch at the cafeteria. They were happy that she did well and made fun of Adele for the problems she had.

Moments later, everyone was having lunch when Rachel saw Adele enter the bathroom with her head down; she looked pretty sad.

After, Rachel made her want to go to the bathroom, so she headed for the throne. She carried a small purse that she always has. When she got to the place, Adele was on the sink, seeing Rachel went into the bathroom (she didn’tdidn’t want him to see her cry)

What happened after

Rachel took the Petitpoo Sugar Flower dropper out of her tiny purse; she applies three drops, makes poo, and comes out regularly. While Adele does the same, but with the difference that she does not have the odor eliminator.

As each one leaves, Rachel notices that a terrible smell comes out of the toilet where Adele was.

Rachel did not know how to say, “use her Petitpoo and think of the rest of humanity.”

So she made up her mind, she had numb legs from nerves and what she did to her: she put the dropper in the sink where she was, and Adele asked her, “What is that?”

Rachel asked him, “Do you notice that the toilet where I was staying doesn’tdoesn’t smell bad?”

Adele said: “the truth is … what a shame.”

That’sThat’s when Rachel told her that it was Petit Poo; she showed him her little purse, which she never leaves.

Adele applied the dropper, and with her legs numb from the shame that happened, they swore that no one else would find out what happened.

After that, they did not speak again, and they continue to like each other.

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