Oooh, I won’t let you go, Petit poo” Isabella contacted us with this phrase, and today I want to tell you through my words the story of her daughter. So this is Sophia, a 16-year-old teenager, and Mason, another 14-year-old.

Although they are practically the same age, their differences are enormous.

Sophia’s likes

Sophia is a little lady who loves going out with her friends to the movies, having sleepovers, talking about boys, her favorite series.

She loves love stories, drama, science fiction and hates anything that involves horror, fear, and suspense. So her favorite plan with her inseparable friends is doing Netflix, amazon prime, or Disney plus afternoons.

Her room

In her room, the colors orange and blue predominate. She has a very organized desk with her computer, pens, paints, markers, books, sheets and a tablet, and all the supplies she needs to do her homework.

As an additional fact, she is addicted to cell phones (so much so that her mother Isabella had to put specific rules regarding the use of her)


This young teenager is a mini gentleman, obsessed with order, cleanliness; he is excellent with numbers, so he is the best of his class, and all his classmates ask for his help.

In addition, he could be considered an expert in cars; he knows all the brands, their benefits, the defects of each one, their prices. He is almost that he could sell you a car.

His cars, his obsession

So obviously, in his room, there is a sacred collection, and they are his cars. He takes better care of them than his life does not even allow Isabella to touch them. He is the only one who can clean them and wipe them on the shelf. (apart from that, he has a ritual for grooming him)


Our sender of the mail is a 42-year-old woman, separated five years ago, a chef in a restaurant. She loves to cook, innovate recipes, create; she says, “through the food, I leave my feelings, that is why I take care so that my guests enjoy their mealtime.”

And if you think about it, Isabella is right; when we go to a restaurant, we want to be happy, enjoy a pleasant moment.

Bathroom Petitpoo

Sophia prefers the Petit poo Red. That is, the strawberry cup

  • According to her, because it is feminine
  • Red is for girls
  • Her favorite fruit is strawberry.
  • The scent is so mild and delicate. How is her personality

Mason prefers blue. The strawberry cup

  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He hates all feminine colors.
  • He says the blue dropper is the perfect match for his car and his room.
  • She loves the scent, as she doesn’t smell feminine.

Isabella selected green. The Tree of Paradise

  • She loves all the Petit Poo. But her children decided that each one must have a scent.
  • Isabella is a strong protector of nature, so she is struck by the fact that she is the same color.

She uses it in her restaurant because she leaves the place smelling of our paradise tree. Her clients always ask her, “what scent do you use in the bathrooms?”

  • “Oooh, I won’t let you go, Petit Poo” Where she goes, she always carries the magic drops.

The preferred kit of this family is.

Endurancekit: For great poops!

She has red, green and blue.

What is your personality?

oooh, i wont you go, petit poo

 Happykit: A tiny spot of happiness

Revolutionkit: For Master poopers

Theultimatekit: The one you need on every occasion