Our social responsibility is evidenced by our strong commitment to support foundations and projects that aim at improving the quality of life of those communities at risk.

That is why NICOES is part of our family. This wonderful foundation opened its doors in 2003, teaching children and adolescents that, despite facing serious difficulties in life, being in sectors of high vulnerability, living in poverty, they can a adopt optimistic mentality and choose positive habits in all aspects of their life.

NICOES is operating in the Mariposa neighborhood, a sector located in Bogotá, Colombia and more precisely in San Cristóbal Norte – Usaquén. Do you know why it bears this name? Because from far away you can see a beautiful, large and impressive butterfly.

This ambitious project of “La Mariposa” changed the lives of more than 70 thousand people by giving color to a sector forgotten by society full of children and young people watching their dreams fade. This is why the NICOES foundation was created, to give them love, understanding, strength, injecting positivity into their lives and providing them with enough tools to be able to face any adversity that comes their way.



NICOES approaches children and adolescents through 4 fundamental programs 




NICOES approaches children and adolescents through 4 fundamental programs 


This is the most important program of NICOES, since they offer the possibility to change and transform the lives of each individual through the message the Bible brings reaching not only the children but their families too as the process belongs to everyone.

Matthew 28,19 “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations …”



NICOES has in its ranks sports teachers, who are in charge of educating children in different competencies.

There are 4 categories:

  • Children
  • Pre-teens
  • Male
  • Female

Through sports, children express all their feelings and frustrations transforming any negative aspects into dreams and goals to be achieved. Nothing is impossible.


Through the circle, which is the focus of this activity, NICOES seeks to unite families, resolve conflicts, establish dialogue and, most importantly, strengthen the family nucleus.

Therefore music is the most importat reason to be joyful, happy and fill them with motivation.


This is another way to prepare children and adolescents for the future. They train them to be able to face new challenges in their lives and to look for one more reason to become better every day.

If you want to support the NICOES Foundation and help it with better sports equipment, a place to train, refreshments, transportation, you can subsidize each program transforming children lives.

You can become a member by visiting their site