bathroom fragrance

Bathroom fragrances: I want to ask you something … Have you ever had an uncomfortable moment because of bad smells? I assure you that the answer is yes. It has happened to all of us. Today we will talk about these embarrassing moments because of an foul odor, exposed you when entering the bathroom.

But how is a bad smell produced?

  • I will explain different types of odors and one of them is when the body produces it due to a disease.
  • Remember this phrase “Hand sanitizer near me” having one prevents you from illnessesat


It is the breakdown of the sweat glands caused by bacteria and yeast. In some cases, special antiseptic soap and with the help of antibacterial creams are mandatory.

uncomfortable smell

  • Another uncomfortable smell is from the sewer, causing a sore throat, eyes start to itch, nose, asthma, flu, headache.
  • Chemical substances
  • Decomposed products can produce microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, molds, yeasts, depending on they can become very dangerous.
  • Intestinal gases
  • Remember to have a packet of hand sanitizer

Intestinal gases:

It enters the digestive tract the moment weĀ  eat the air. That is to say:
  • Chew gum
  • Drink carbonated drinks
  • Smoke
  • When you eat too fast

When this air does not come out when you burp, it goes into the intestine and turns into gas.

Another way is when you eat certain foods that the body does not digest properly.

At that moment, the stomach begins to hurt, sometimes even the urge to vomit. It becomes pretty inflated and eventually expels gases.

Another terrible smell is when you enter the bathroom, you poo, and nothing will remove the scent.

Nobody has roses inside the body, so that smell is typical and wrong to hold on to, leading to big problems.

We have already talked about this topic before.

So the solution is not to avoid going to the bathroom; apart from being a regular function, we cannot avoid feeling like it. Those are not things we can program. But if we can prevent others from feeling that smell when we go to the bathroom.

bathroom fragrance

How can it be prevented?

Problem: Odor

Solution: Petit Poo (Bathroom fragrances)

Petitpoo bathroom fragrance is a new concept to eliminate odors from toilets BEFORE. The smell is exposed, creating a layer on the water’s surface that prevents the exit of unwanted odors, leaving a soft and pleasant aroma.

How to use petitpoo?

  • Always carry your Petit Poo.
  • Apply 2 or 3 drops BEFORE using the toilet poo spray
  • Sit quietly

Poo deodorant benefits

  • Does not mix odors
  • Prevents foul odors from spreading
  • It does not make sounds
  • Eliminates 98% of foul odors
  • Its cost is very economical

You find it in 2 presentations:

Petit Poo Personal Dropper:

  • You can use it up to 150 times approximately
  • Cont. 14ml each
  • Discreet size
  • Apply 3 to 5 drops in the toilet BEFORE using it

It comes in 5 varieties:

  • Cloud flake
  • StrawberryĀ 
  • Green apple
  • Sugar FlowerĀ 
  • Oasis Men

Institutional Petit Poo

  • Makes up to 300 times
  • Cont. 180ml each
  • Apply two sprays on the toilet BEFORE using it and sit at ease

It comes in 2 Varieties:

  • Cloud flake
  • Oasis Men

Meet the Kits

Happy kit: A tiny spot of happiness

Revolution kit: For Master poopers

The ultimate kit: The one you need on every occasion

Endurance kit: For great poops!

You won’t have an excuse; start using Petit Poo! Bathroom fragrances

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