Petitpoo store locator 2
Petitpoo store locator 2

Always have our Petitpoo store locator handy, and do you know why I’m telling you? In the past days I met Lucy, she told me what she happened to drive, there she was with her mother in a terrible traffic jam.

Lucy and her anguish in the car

I want to start this story that I identify with it by asking you:

How many times have you wanted to poo, and you can’t do it because you don’t have a bathroom nearby?

I am sure that it has all happened to us and so typical…

Some of us are lucky to find one quickly, others have to wait a little longer, but Lucy could not reach the bathroom nimbly.

The day started

It was Saturday morning, as usual; Liz got up, had coffee, got ready, and as she was lazy, she went to McDonald’s and had breakfast for her and her mother. They were 2 to meet because the idea was to buy clothes, some household items they needed, the market at Costco, and in the end, they had to go to see a football game played by his nephew.

So Liz had the whole day.

Indeed they bought everything they needed, and at noon it was Nicholas’s game. In this place was her sister, with her brother-in-law, hers, other nephews, and other friends. Afterward, they met at the house of Rosie, Liz’s sister, for lunch.

Stories at lunch

During lunch, Albert, Liz’s brother-in-law, felt terrible and ran to the bathroom. All anxiously asked what had happened. Rosie added that she was like this from the day before with diarrhea, and to this, she said, “but don’t worry, there won’t be any bad smell around. We always live prepared with the magic drops.”

Everyone laughs, and Liz adds, “it’s true, without those drops I would have had more than a terrible moment, only today they stayed at the house,” Liz’s mother called Stella, at that moment she takes out the Petit Poo. He says, “I always have one in my purse, and from there, I never take it out so that I never forget it, and I have another one in my house.”


Stella said that every Sunday, she meets her friends to play cards and have coffee and cookies. Suddenly, she started to feel bad, she went to the bathroom several times, but she couldn’t do 2, her friends noticed her and gave her tea.

This is how the rest of the afternoon passed, when she felt that it was the moment of truth, it was her turn to poop, so she took her purse, went to the bathroom, took a Petit Poo out of her bag, and to her surprise, she made pure diarrhea.

She says that if she hadn’t had Petit Poo her that bath, she would have left him smelling rotten. Then she went out and kept playing cards.


Back at Liz’s house

Liz was driving back to her house when she felt a slight stomach ache from one moment to another, and the more time passed, the worse she got. Afterward, she no longer felt a stomach ache she wanted to poo, but she still hadn’t come to her house.

After sweating in the car, put the jacket on the seat and a plastic bag to avoid damaging the chairs in the event of an “accident.” She managed to get to her house half an hour later.

Which was the result

When she was at her door opening it, she felt an explosion.

She indeed she could not get to the bathroom.

She came straight to bathe.

She applied Petit Poo to prevent the bad smell from spreading.

Never forget our Petitpoo store locator.

Petitpoo store locator 1
Petitpoo store locator

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