Pille of poop emoji 2
Pille of poop emoji 2

Pile of poop is the characteristic emoticon that we have all used at some time. What’s more, in past articles, we talked about what this image means, and today I want to remind you of this emoticon because I received a very particular message from Sherlyn.

Learn about Sherlyn’s story.

Sherlyn is a 22-year-old married woman; she has two boys and one girl, ages 7, 11, and 18, Connor, Thomas, and Keira. Each of her children has different hobbies, the oldest dreams of being a famous psychologist, the middle one loves cars and airplanes, and the youngest is obsessed with the poo emoticon.



A pre-adolescent who since childhood played doctor with her dolls, her friends were the patients, and of course, Sherlyn and her husband were very judicious patients.

Of course, her brothers Thomas and Connor never followed her game; they preferred to continue with her preferences, and medicine was not one of her likes.

Keira always sought to disguise herself as a doctor or nurse, and all the school teachers and her classmates knew that she was the best in biology class; her hobby was such that she studied more advanced subjects for her age.

Currently, she is studying medicine and is very happy.


This is a future car or airplane racing driver. From a very young age, his parents noticed his taste, and all his gifts were “cars and airplanes.” So he had all kinds of collectibles and is, therefore, an expert on the subject.

He can carry on a conversation for hours talking about cars and airplanes.

His room is, of course, filled with this, along with the computer, and well. His life revolves around this matter.

At Halloween parties, his costumes have to do with everything that has to do with planes and cars.

His dream is to study electromechanical engineering.


Well, Sherlyn says that her youngest son is a very particular character; since her dream is to be a “Pile of Poo Creator,” I don’t think there is such a profession.

You are already learning what Connor’s story is about.

Connor is quite a creative boy; he likes to draw the poop image pile, he likes to create new things with his tiles, with wood that he gets at the house he invents.

His room has a pillow of the poo emoticon, pictures, posters, stuffed animals of this poop.

Pile of poop costume

One day he came to his parents Connor’s room and said, “I want to dress up as my poop pillow.” This was news that they could not believe because there are many options, Spiderman, Batman, Iron man, in short.

Sherlyn thought it was a joke, and they paid no attention to it until, as the days went by, Connor kept repeating day and night. So, they decided to look for that costume, and after a long time, they managed to get it.

The famous day arrived, and he happily put on his costume, arrived at school, took many photos, and returned home happy to tell all the news of the day.

Pile of poop emoji 1 (1)

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