Privy: This is an old term to refer to an outdoor toilet, also known as latrines. That is why today I will tell you a couple of curiosities on this subject since in the Middle Ages it was used a lot. Although in the movies we see beautiful dresses, colors, and elegance, they were not characterized much by their hygiene.

Let’s know why this topic is something curious.



In the past, it was not said “I go to the bathroom” or “can I borrow the bathroom” no! It was told privy, and they were not places inside a house, apartment, complex, hotel, shopping center. They were characterized because they were outdoors and were known as latrines.

What are latrines

The latrine is an outdoor structure that was used as a toilet in the 20th century. The main thing is that this small building has to be built on a hole that is 10 feet deep and 3.2 feet wide.

Next, you must have a small hole where the poop will fall or, rather, the place where the buttock will be located should not be large since children can fall. So this should be a maximum of 9.8 feet.

In addition, another condition for the restroom to function and not become the perfect space for contamination is that it must have a water well nearby. So the droppings were necessarily going to pass into the liquid. In other words, everything had to be connected when the latrine was built.

Know some details of the latrines

  •  In the Middle Ages, when Christianity was born, the baths were a focus of sin. For this reason, these places were closed.
  • Those who belonged to the upper class had the right to take a bath sporadically.
  •  It was said that going bricklayer caused mental problems.
  • Restroom waste was thrown through the windows.
  • It was customary to run whole rivers in the streets of the fluids that people threw out the window.
  • In some palaces, there were baths.
  • If you enter some of those palaces around the world, you can feel that foul smell.
  • They created some huge hats not so much for fashion … You can imagine why … yes in case they were surprised by what falls through the window because the hat protected them

More curious details

  •  Doctors began to notice the importance of hygiene, so they recommended washing at least three times a week.
  • Powders for women were made with rose petals.
  • The toilets were so infamous because they were said to promote promiscuity and immorality.
  • The first way to wash appeared, and it was to combine honey; they had to burn the salt, vinegar. It was ideal for mouthwash.
  • According to the story, King Louis XIV only put some water a few times in his hand. He just hated the water.
  • To clean him, a cloth and ash were used.
  • The flowers were used to scare away the smell.
  • Taking a rich bath with hot water was impossible since the water was too expensive.
  • During the Black Death pandemic, people were reluctant to have good hygiene.
  • They used their urine to wash clothes.
  • The roof of the houses was like a mesh; the birds defecated there. It was a total focus for pests.
  • The water was high in lead.
  • Baldness? There are NO problems; I have the remedy, chicken poo, a little salt, and for you to take off this massage, use cat poo and vinegar … I missed telling a detail … This mask, once you apply, it is no longer removed.


Luckily the bathroom concept evolved too much. Now some products prevent odor. That is, if you are going to go to the bathroom, you take out your sanitary odor eliminator, Petit Poo, from your wallet, apply three drops, and so you can sit quietly.

If you see what I’m saying. It doesn’t even compare. So you know no more “privy” and more drippers and institutional.

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