Petit Poo Ultimate Kit

PRICE $27.99*
  • 1 gotero de nube fresca
  • 1 pulverización de tamaño industrial/doméstico Fresh Cloud
  • 1 cuentagotas de flor de azucar

Es un nuevo concepto para eliminar los olores de los inodoros, ANTES de que el olor se exponga, creando una capa en la superficie del agua que impide la salida de olores no deseados, dejando un olor suave y agradable.

MODO DE USO: use este bloqueador de olores de inodoro diariamente, aplique de 3 a 5 gotas o 2 aerosoles ANTES de usar el inodoro. Cuando tenga problemas estomacales, aplique de 6 a 8 gotas (3-4 pulverizaciones) para obtener mejores resultados.

APLICACIONES: Gotero:  Puedes usarlo hasta 150 veces aproximadamente. Spry: úsalo hasta 300 veces aproximadamente. 344 en stock

345 in stock

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Hello! My name is Elizabeth, I have been married for 12 years, I have 3 children and I love to make a fun plans with my family every weekend to get out of the routine. So we never go out without The ultimate kit: The one you need in every occasion, in my portfolio there is always a petitpoo spray.

When we finished lunch, my youngest son John reminded me of the promise I made to him. I promised him that if he was congratulated at school on something good he did, I would buy him a huge ice cream on the weekend. So we all had ice cream, and then we went to play in the park for a while.


When the children were playing, I told to John, “I’m coming, I’m going to the bathroom, you’re waiting for me here.” He said to me, are you wearing your kit, right? I smiled at him, showed him my wallet and went out to ask where the bathrooms were, and I lined up. There is always a line in the women’s restrooms. While I was waiting for my turn, a lady came out and left that bathroom smelling disgusting! They all looked at her very bad. It was a very uncomfortable and especially smelly moment. When he comes out of the bathroom she yells “All poops smell bad”


A few seconds later, it was my turn, the first thing I did was take out my The ultimate kit: The one you need in every occasion. So before doing poo I used my petitpoo spray and when I came out nobody looked at me weird. On the way, I met the lady who came out screaming. I approached her and said “yes, all poops smell bad, have it as a gift, use it before doing poo, these are the drops to avoid bad smell in the bathroom” and I left, I did not leave her or speak, I was afraid that say something rude to me.


When I returned, I spent the evening with my husband and children. At the end of the day, I met the lady who received the dropper in the parking lot, she smiled at me and said: “What you gave me is fantastic, I’ll always use it, excuse me for the screaming in the bathroom” So I told my family what happened, and we confirmed that we cannot leave our houses if we do not have, The ultimate kit: The one you need in every occasion. Imagine being embarrassed by a bad smell.

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Use it daily, dropper: apply 3 to 5 drops BEFORE using the toilet

APPLICATIONS: Use it up to 150 times approximately.

Blocks up to 98% of bad odors
Works before you go

It’s not an air freshener
and doesn’t mix odors

It’s dosed

Best Value

Free of “guilty” sounds