Petit Poo Happy Kit

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1 spray Oasis Industrial/Home Size
1 gota de manzana verde
1 gotero de fresa

Es un nuevo concepto para eliminar los olores de los inodoros, ANTES de que el olor se exponga, creando una capa en la superficie del agua que evita que escapen los olores no deseados, dejando un olor suave y agradable.

CÓMO UTILIZAR: Úselo diariamente, aplique de 3 a 5 gotas ANTES de ir al baño si tiene problemas estomacales, aplique de 3 a 4 pulverizaciones para obtener mejores resultados.

APLICACIONES: Gotero: Puedes usar aproximadamente 150 veces. Aerosol: puedes usar hasta 300 veces aproximadamente. 345 en stock.

335 in stock

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Hello! My name is Sophia and I want to tell you why happy kit: A little spot of happiness, petitpoo spray, saved my love life.

We started by having a glass of wine, they turned on the fireplace because it was very cold, and while they served us our food, they placed peanuts, pistachios, pieces of cheese on the coffee table.

I must say, I felt like in a fairy tale watching Felipe, the more we talked I could notice a strong connection between us and believe me I was not imagining it. 

That the moment was very romantic, I was over the moon.  Well, we had a delicious dinner, a bowl of rice, meat just right, it was accompanied by a yogurt sauce and of course, a delicious salad could not be missing. We finished with a dessert, even ice cream. When we finished dinner, we went to the living room again and continued drinking wine!

I talked to Felipe all night, we told anecdotes, we updated ourselves on our lives, because I had not seen him for about 6 months. When I suddenly wanted to do poo, I very elegantly said “let me … I’ll be right back”, I smiled at him and walked as if nothing was happening. I went to the bathroom very calm, but I realized 2 things: the first, I could not take it anymore, the poo was going to come out, and the second, I did not bring my wallet, but I did bring my cell phone. The question was only one, I couldn’t get out of the bathroom, because I was no longer going to be able to walk very gracefully in front of Felipe, He was going to realize everything!

So I called my mom to bring me the wallet. As soon as I opened it, the first thing I saw was like a glow as if it were in the sky. Do you know why? Of course, there were the drops to avoid a bad smell in the bathroom.  So I applied 3 drops of petitpoo, touched up my makeup, and. Came away happy.

There are two happy endings here, because thanks to my petitpoo no one noticed that I used the bathroom and the other, I have been dating Felipe for 3 years. The next day after this dinner, I met him, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Now he never leaves his house without the happy kit: A little spot of happiness. I told him what happened to me, and now he knows how to eliminate the bad smell before using the bathroom.

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Use it daily, dropper: apply 3 to 5 drops BEFORE using the toilet

APPLICATIONS: Use it up to 150 times approximately.

Blocks up to 98% of bad odors
Works before you go

It’s not an air freshener
and doesn’t mix odors

It’s dosed

Best Value

Free of “guilty” sounds