Petit Poo Revolution Kit

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Revolution Kit: For master Sensei!

1 rociador tamaño Oasis Industrial/Hogar.
1 spray Fresh Clouds tamaño industrial/doméstico

Es un nuevo concepto para eliminar los olores de los inodoros, ANTES de que el olor se exponga, creando una capa en la superficie del agua que evita que escapen los olores no deseados, dejando un olor suave y agradable.

CÓMO UTILIZAR: Use este bloqueador de olores de inodoro diariamente, aplique 2 aerosoles ANTES de usar el inodoro. Cuando tenga problemas estomacales, aplique 3-4 pulverizaciones para obtener mejores resultados.

APLICACIONES: Spry: Puedes usar hasta 300 veces aproximadamente.

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I want to tell you my story, so that the same thing does not happen to you. Now my friends call me “Revolution kit: For Master poopers”. Now I always use petitpoo spray

So you can imagine how much we can eat, because with a single hamburger we are not satisfied. We always see each other at the same time, and We take turns with the house. This time, it was our turn to meet at Diego’s apartment. We always tease him because it looks like Barbie’s house, it’s too small. We can hardly fit all 7 of us, but we don’t care. 

What is our ritual: We order hamburgers from all the restaurants we know, we buy many beers and every time we see each other we have to bring a new video game.

We barely start with the first round of burgers, and we always cool off and so on until nightfall. When it is like 6:30 pm, despite having eaten like animals, we still do it and our belly is as if we were 6 months pregnant. And as you can imagine … both eating and drinking take effect at any time. It was time to go to the bathroom … So I got up and said “I’ll visit Barbie’s bathroom”

Just as Diego’s apartment is so small, the bathroom is just as tiny. I went in, did poo, bathed my hands and noticed the terrible smell that remained, so I pulled the cistern 3 times, to see if this pestilence would go away, but no. I didn’t know what to do, I looked through the drawers to see if there was any perfume.

The only thing I found was Diego’s cologne, so I scattered it around the bathroom and I must say I finished it. I filled the jar with wáter, so he wouldn’t notice it and came out like nothing. But when I walked through the bathroom door, I saw my friends who had a stuffy nose and almost threw up. I was very ashamed, I didn’t know what to do. So I called my sister, because she always has the solution for everything.

Emily, that’s the name of my sister, she told me: Buy “Revolution kit: For Master poopers”. It’s the only thing that will keep you from being kicked out of that apartment. When I had it in my hands and saw what it was doing, my life changed, I already know how to eliminate the bad smell after going to the bathroom
Now not only do I use petitpoo spray, we also buy one for each of my friends’ houses. So that the same thing doesn’t happen to us again. But I stayed with the name of Revolution kit: For Master poopers. No way, we already have another story to laugh with the group.



Use it daily, dropper: apply 3 to 5 drops BEFORE using the toilet

APPLICATIONS: Use it up to 150 times approximately.

Blocks up to 98% of bad odors
Works before you go

It’s not an air freshener
and doesn’t mix odors

It’s dosed

Best Value

Free of “guilty” sounds