When we talk about royal flush in poker, it refers to the imperial flower; it is the most valuable play in this card game, and to win, you must have: Ace, K, Q, J, 10, and they must be of the same suit. And you must ask yourself: What does this have to do with the issues we discuss in this blog?

I was checking the email: when the subject line said: royal flush toilets. After that, it was impossible not to catch my attention.

How this email started

The protagonist of this story is called Mark, and he says that every Friday with his friends is: Poker nights. For more than 15 years, he has had this habit, and he claims to be a genius for this game.

I don’t know anything about it, and that is why I will continue with the story.

The royal flush

Mark, Andrew, Joshua, Jayden, and Aaron are the friends that makeup Poker Fridays. Whenever they meet, they order pizza and beer—not forgetting that they have a playlist on Spotify that each one of them has fed for a long time.

The routine is the same as always:

  • They meet at 7 pm
  • They order pizza
  • Each one arrives with beer.
  • Their poker nights are a particular room they have so as not to disturb those who live in the house.
  • They give play to the Spotify list.
  • And at 8 pm poker Friday starts.

How the rest of the story continues

They usually take turns playing each of the five friends at home, and they all have a special place in their homes to enjoy their poker nights. So, that day he was playing at Mark’s apartment; this is a place with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a tiny living room – a dining room.

The house is so tiny that they mockingly call it the Barbie apartment.

They were laughing, eating, drinking, and remembering their stories. When he suddenly it’s Mark’s turn, and he says “royal flush.” Next, he adds, “while they celebrate my triumph, I go to the bathroom, permission,” while he walks away with a big smile.

Royal flush toilets

Mark enters the bathroom and does the 2. Until there, we go normal. The next thing is to say a phrase that Mark adds in the email “my royal flush smile ended there, all the pizza I ate came out, and I pissed all the beer.”

There the anguish of our friend began; he detected a terrible, horrible, and disastrous smell that came out of the toilet. He was so aware of the size of the apartment that he knew that in a second, his house would be invaded, and his friends would detect that his poo.

He searched all the cologne cabinets for a splash or something that might disguise the smell. But there was no, so he resorted to the tactic of pulling the cistern several times; with the towel, he began to create a kind of fan.

When suddenly

Andrew, Joshua, Jayden, and Aaron knock on the bathroom door; they were holding their noses, coughing, making fun, and saying: “Royal flush toilets are going to poison us, here Jayden has something special for the smell. We left it on the door.”

When leaving the bathroom Mark

His friends laughed, and from there, he earned the nickname “Royal flush toilets.” He ends his email with a phrase, “If I had had Petit Poo, no one would have found out about my going to the bathroom, now I never miss it and for your information, they keep telling me like this”

So you don’t go through the same situation as Mark he knows our kits.

Happy kit: A tiny spot of happiness

Revolution kit: For Master poopers

The ultimate kit: The one you need on every occasion

Endurance kit: For great poops!



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