Shit stories: Today, I come to tell you a series of micro-stories that have been sent to us and how that can happen to us at any time. It seems very pertinent to share these uncomfortable situations with you. Do you know what they have in common? All of our protagonists had diarrhea or constipation.

Poop horror stories

One of the biggest we can have is that we want to go to the bathroom to poop and we are in the car on a long journey, we are in a shopping center, and the bathroom is full or closed.

Another option is that we have a solid telluric movement in the stomach in the middle of a visit, and leaving the bathroom smelling rotten is the worst and more if we are meeting the in-laws.

First story

After a long week of exams, a group of college friends decided to meet at the house of one of them to have a drink, dance, ordered hamburgers, and had a delicious time.

So they had wine and beer all night, put on music, talked, and when they looked at the clock, it was 4 in the morning; some had already fallen asleep, and others started chatting.

At 6 am

One of them got up to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and felt poop. After a great deal, he came out and left him smelling terrible. Then someone entered the bathroom, and the rotten smell took away the drunkenness he was carrying.They quarantined the bathroom. A simple Petit Poo would have solved everything.

Girls diarrhea stories

Shit stories. They are three inseparable friends who decided to stay the night at the house of one of them. The first thing they did was get the food ready; they ordered everything and ate as if they were going to finish the meal.

Also, the night included a fashion show with her best looks. However, one point needs to be clarified.

In this house

There are two bathrooms, the parents, three brothers, and the grandmother live. So on this day together with my friends, there were eight people.

Another particular piece of information. In the middle of the night, a friend of theirs went to visit them, and as a joke, they added something to her drink to cause diarrhea.

Third fact:

in this house, there is a 6-year-old girl, and nobody paid attention to her at night, so she found a small bottle and applied it to all the drinks (those drops were the ones that caused diarrhea)

Let the poop games begin.

  • It looked like a Netflix series, but in the early morning, there were two collapsed toilets and seven people (except the girl) who had diarrhea.
  • The grandmother decided to use the diapers that she puts on when she travels.
  • The parents had to tell their grandmother, “can you lend us 2 of your diapers, please.”
  • the bathrooms were clogged, and a stinky smell began to come out that started to spread throughout the house
  • No more perfumes and everything that produced aroma (nothing worked)
  • The girls confessed and had to be punished.
  • If this family had had Petit Poo, their house would not have been smelling rotten.

Let’s draw some conclusions

It does not matter if you are an elegant lady in society or a successful businessman, or if you are a teenager or have young children.

We all poop, and the bathroom smells ugly, and if we have diarrhea or constipation, it will worsen. So like you, me, and the rest of the world, our poo doesn’t smell like roses. So let’s make a deal.

Always carry your Petit Poo.

These stories are to tell you that we all have awkward moments and accidents. So, if we carry Petit Poo everywhere and if we have it in our home or office, no one will feel the bad smell in the bathrooms again.

Do you have any shit stories to tell us?

Please write to us at and send your story.