Shoe odor spray 2
Shoe odor spray 2

I received an email that had as subject “shoe odor spray”, so I proceeded to open the message (remember that if you have a story, send it to I continue with my blog today and you know what it will be about, today I will tell you what happened to Elizabeth, but everyone tells Liz.

Liz’s story.

Liz is a 34-year-old woman, married for three years, has a 7-month-old baby, and is a chef.

When she is 30 years old, she traveled with her friends to Universal Studios located in Los Angeles; the plan was to stay with the whole group of friends in the same house, there were seven people in total, they got up super early, had coffee and bread for breakfast.

The night before they left everything ready, they said goodbye to Liz’s dog Sasha and two cars left. Along the way, they sang, laughed, and had planned everything that was going to happen for the day, apart from taking the opportunity to celebrate Milly’s birthday.

Along the way, they began to notice a strange smell, but they paid no attention to it and started making fun of it.

They arrived at approximately 9:30 in the morning; there were many people, very long lines until they bought their tickets and arrived at the park.

They started taking photos and videos to remember the big day.

Emotions to the max

Everyone was excited to be on the Simpsons and especially the Harry Potter ride. (It should be noted that everyone is a fan of these two programs) therefore the reaction of each one was normal. However, they kept noticing a strange smell that the worse, and since it was the hot season, everything was dry, with no water.

It was time for lunch, and quickly they decided to order Burgers, and so they continued with the rest of the day until evening came and they decided to go shopping to remember this wonderful day.

The moment of impact for Liz

They were at the Simpsons store, and Liz was looking for a glass with her name on it. When Sue approaches her to look for hers and suddenly says: “friend, you are the one with the bad smell.” She shocked, looks at her, swearing that it is a joke, and replies, “are you kidding, right?

Sue responds: no, I have no idea where it comes from, but it’s you. We all talk, and everything agrees.

Liz, right there, goes to the bathroom, she takes everything off, she checks herself, when she starts to smell a shoe. It turns out she had poop, and when she held it up to her nose, she almost threw up.

She though that indeed it is from her dog Sasha hers because she had done it in the morning and when she said goodbye to her pet she thinks that was when she stepped down.

The problem is that the bathroom was full, so she wondered, “how do I wash my shoe if this is full?” Not only did she not want to be embarrassed.

Sure, she had already had a hard time with her friends.

Shoe odor spray

She finally managed to clean her shoe as best she could, but the smell was still there, so she continued with her day with her head held high. She until she arrived at her house and with her friends bothering her for the bad smell that she produced.

Liz ends the email by saying, “If I had met Petitpoo right now, I would not have gone through that bad time, nowadays I always carry it in my wallet.” Use Petit poo is a good shoe odor spray

She avoids awkward moments as she happened to Liz.

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