The most crucial thing in a place is an incredible smell, but something is true if you don’t like it, you run away. Today, there are several options so that the house, the office, and a shopping center smell good. Right there, he asks: where to buy petitpoo? While she’s sitting on the toilet and you see a meme on your cell phone.

You no longer have excuses for a bad smell.

That is why we will touch on the subject of foggers because of so many options that exist today.

  • The function of a fogger is to cool the environment to vaporize
  • Improve air quality
  • Left the place with a characteristic aroma
  • Purifies the air
  • Does not make noise
  • Helps stress
  • Nerves
  • State of mind
  • Does the aromatherapy function

We look for excellent aromas.

When we buy a product, the first thing we look at is its smell, either for taste, because it does not produce allergies; in short, there are excuses. We will always look at one.

There are several such as

  • Fruits
  • natural essences
  • Flower oils
  • Floors
  • Stronger odors
  • Others softer

And they all meet unique characteristics

  • Relax
  • They leave the place with a beautiful aroma
  • Including plants
  • Flowers
  • Fruits
  • When consumed or applied to the skin or hair, they have benefits
  • For example, if an apple infusion is made, it will not only have a particular aroma, it will help to better sleep
  • Strawberry is widely used in beauty products because it helps smooth the skin.
  • Sitting on the toilet

The ideal moment

Sitting on the toilet: But one thing is true, running to the bathroom, having a petitpoo on hand, doing … his thing … and of course, accompanied by a cell phone, talking on the phone, watching social networks. Instead, going to the bathroom is the right place to think.

How many incredible ideas have come from the bathroom! Could it be that Bill Gates enlightened his great empire when he was doing a poo? Well, we will never know that answer.


Anti poo odor spray

That is why Petit Poo created some incredible scents.

It handles five varieties: cloud flakes, strawberry, Green apple, sugar flower, oasis men plus 2 with institutional size.

And if you see photos of petitpoo, remember how it should be:

Our new Institutional Petit Poo product is a Toilet Odor blocker SO THAT YOU FEEL CALM! It gives you 300 and 150 moments of tranquility.

Our kits are

Happy kit: 1 cloud flake industrial size (institutional blue), one green apple dropper, and one strawberry dropper.

Revolution kit: 1 cloud and one oasis men industrial / home size

The ultimate kit: 1 cloud dropper, one cloud industrial / home size, and one sugar flower dropper

Endurance kit: 1 green apple dropper, one strawberry dropper, and one cloud dropper



It is true everything enters through the nose, the aroma of the place will make us have an extraordinary moment.

But be careful, it depends on the size of the poo is the kit you should choose.

It is “A Little spot of happiness, ” For Master poopers “, ” The one you need in every occasion “or,” For great poops! “.

Think, reflect, take a walk in Philadelphia, eat some pretzels, the inevitable cheesesteak, some donuts or better, feel Rocky, and climb the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

But if you live in Washington, I have the plan for you, go to the Georgetown neighborhood and discover the beautiful old houses, and then you go to the Chesapeake & Ohio park

Do you already have the answer for your favorite kit? Do you already know where to buy petitpoo?

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