Spray in a bottle

Go here: Spray in a bottle. where to find a good and excellent spray on the market, with so many options on selecting the best product, how to recognize if it is good, and, above all, how to know if it is the best sanitary odor eliminator.

Spray perfume in the shower water

What do I mean: when you bathe, you must have the best experience. It is an intimate moment where you think, reflect on your problems.

Also, if you perfume the place, you will have less stress, you will be calmer, and of course, your ideas will flow.The shower is like yoga, pilates, or a spa center. When you go for a session, one of the objectives is to have less stress, relax your muscles, get rid of the headache, and waste pain; well. Do you get the idea?

What should you do

  • Use candles with flower essences, lavender, vanilla, etc.
  • Play music of your choice
  • Think: “It’s your happy moment.
  • If you decorate the place with flowers or other objects that bring you peace┬á┬á┬á
  • There are many videos about relaxation sessions on YouTube. So you can follow these tips.
  • When you bathe, tell others: “It’s my time, don’t bother me.”
  • Most importantly, there can be no mess in the bathroom. Clothes on the floor, towels, shoes, papers scattered.
  • No bad smells in the bathroom; this will deviate your relaxation goal.

How to better decorate the place

Odors are essential for a better experience, so use a sanitary odor remover. I mean, Petit Poo. This blocker works to remove up to 98% of the terrible odors produced by poop at the root.

When you apply Petit Poo, what it does is create a protective layer so that those bad smells do not come out. So when an odor is going to come out, it is right there blocking its way, and only the soft and delicious fragrance is released.

 5 + 2 = 7

Five droppers with five incredible fragrances

  • Paradise tree
  • Sugar Teen
  • Strawberry flake
  • Oasis men
  • Cloud Flake
Spray in a bottle

Two sprays with two perfect scents: Go here: Spray

Spray in a bottle.

  • ┬áOasis men
  • Cloud Flake

As a result, seven different presentations of Petit Poo.

Remember that the dropper has a content of 14 ml; when you apply it, it takes between 3 to 5 drops. But if you have constipation, diarrhea, farts, among other digestive problems, use in this case between 6 to 8 drops.

 In addition, you can use it up to 150 times approximately.

Go here: Spray in a bottle. This has a content of 180 ml. Also, apply 3 to 3 sprays BEFORE using the bathroom. Likewise, it serves 300 times aspersion.

How does a person benefit from using Petit Poo?

  • Not an air freshener
  • Single dosed
  • It does not make sounds
  • It does not mix odors
  • Act BEFORE the odor is exposed.
  • Blocks up to 98% of bad odors
  • It has a sweet and fruity aroma
  • Environmental friendly
  • It has other uses such as: Cleaning the space of pets.
  • Say goodbye to awkward moments.

Remember our kits, ideal for every occasion.

Happy kit: A little spot of happiness

One cloud industrial size (institutional blue), one green apple dropper, and one strawberry dropper

Revolution kit: For Master poopers

One cloud and one oasis men industrial / home size

The ultimate kit: The one you need on every occasion

One cloud dropper, one cloud industrial / home size, and 1 sugar flower dropper

Endurance kit: For great poops!

One green apple dropper, one strawberry dropper, and 1 cloud dropper