The history behind the poop emoji

The poop emoji is one of the most used emojis when having a conversation. Generally, we use it as a way to make a joke. However, the real meaning is other and not what you are thinking.

There is an emoji, happiness, sadness, temper, laughter,Ā  anger, illness, sunny day, in short, for any feeling. Here I could name all the ones that exist.

That is why today we will talk about this topic, and above all, we will focus on one “poop emoji.”

How the era of emoticons began

If I tell you, Shigetaka Kurita, you have no idea what I am talking about, but if I tell you that he is the creator of the emojis. This is a Japanese designer, and one day he thought: “Sure, I have to make digital conversations more human, with feelings,” and one day later, he was sitting imagining what he was going to do to achieve this idea.

But what was his inspiration? In manga or famous Japanese comics, in characters and traffic signs.

In 1999, a Japanese telephone operator, NTT DoCoMo, and together with Kurita, launched 176 emojis of 12 x 12 pixels, with the premise that each one had to tell a story. As time went by, they renewed the emojis, including the famous finger of rudeness, sexual nature, food, etc.

Now, What does the poo emoji mean?

The poo emoji reflects a rich, delicious, and exquisite smiling chocolate cone. That is to say, actually in an ice cream emoji. But, given the reception of the people nowadays, it is known as “poo pile,” “dog dirt,” “smiling poo“, “poop emoji”

This emoticon is a swirl of brown poop, shaped like ice cream, with expressive eyes, happy, joyful, excited, comfortable, and with a giant smile. Even in Japanese culture, this image means “good luck.”

Likewise, the poo emoji has different versions depending on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Messenger, LG, and many other platforms.

World emoji day?

The history behind the poop emoji

Yes, it is on July 17, created by Jeremy Burge, the creator of Emojipedia. This site is like the dictionary of emoticons; that is why there is a calendar emoji with the number 17. If you see everything is connected.

Here you will see the meaning of all the emojis, which ones exist, their evolution, everything.


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