Can you imagine the idea that a product came from a fan? Yes, Petit poo was born for this reason. So today, I will tell you the anecdote, the whole process, the difficulties. Because my friends doing a business is not so easy, and today I want to show you to take it as an example.

Petit Poo

Toilet odor blocker

One day the creator of petit poo brand was on a business appointment with some clients. At one point, he borrowed the bathroom and noticed a detail. There was a huge fan that took up half the bathroom after finishing his … business. He came out laughing and thinking.

What does a fan in the bathroom do? His answer was: “Not any spray, air freshener, or fragrance that removes the smell after lunchtime, and this was our solution.”

That was when Mauricio thought: Sure! A product that works before pooing would be better. He kept the idea in mind and began to investigate the subject; several possibilities came to mind.

What was only a suggestion in the head started to become a reality?

Odor coming from the toilet

For two long years, the researchers looked at a thousand formulas, possibilities, and the wives were in charge of entering the bathroom to detect if the product was serving. So during this time, they spent their time in the bathroom trying different products.

When it finally worked, what followed was distributing the product, and all the resources were their own. For a long time, the money did not come out of any advertising or exchange of favors. Do not! The debt was maximum!


The first approach was with the leading Colombian chains. But do not believe, this was not like: “Yes, I am petitpoo, my product is super novel. For a long time, the protocol was: call, email, and visit stores.

And during that time, there were only two answers: No and silence! It was frustrating.

Until one day, we received that call, and they told us: “We accept your brand petitpoo

Little by little, we were gaining a space in the Colombian market.

People realized that it was a new product, and it did work.


Petit Poo

Petitpoo near me

We have been in the Colombian market for more than five years, but we are also in 4 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our company grows day after day.

And in what way it grows! It was December 2019 when we saw a message on Petit Poo’s fan page. It was from the team of renowned businessman Kevin Harrington, creator of “As seen on TV.” Its objective is to look for innovative brands with a different proposal than the others.

How petitpoo works

Petit poo is a toilet odor eliminator; it acts BEFORE the odor is exposed, creating a layer on the water’s surface that prevents the exit of unwanted odors, leaving soft and pleasant scents.

Petit Poo

Five varieties of petitpoo droppers


But you find them as:

  • Happy kit: 1 cloud industrial size (institutional blue), one green apple dropper, and one strawberry dropper
  • Revolution kit: 1 cloud and one oasis men industrial / home size
  • The ultimate kit: 1 cloud dropper, one industrial cloud/home size, and one sugar flower dropper
  • Endurance kit: 1 green apple dropper, one strawberry dropper, and 1 cloud dropper

Which petitpoo kit do you want to buy?