Toxic megacolon: Have you ever seen in the toilet a foot-long poop clogging it, or is it other more colloquial words? Clogging the toilet. Yes, indeed, you’ve had to run into someone who did this. Once, it happened to me with a college roommate, I lent her the bathroom, and when I walked in, it simply overflowed.

Afterward, she explained what she was suffering from, and that is what I am going to talk to you.

What we talked about

You and I already know what poop is, the Bristol stool scale, how many times a day or week we should poop, the color of poop, the smell, even colored poop, constipation, and diarrhea.

But, we haven’t touched on this topic: long-standing poo.


When we eat lunch and taste the last morsel, it passes through the esophagus and the stomach. There they decompose, transforming into chyme, that is to say, an acid substance. There, different enzymes have also activated that help to break down the food.

Then in the small intestine, it is the perfect place for the absorption of nutrients, and at the end, it continues its way through the large intestine, where all this substance absorbs water and at the end is when we say, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

What is toxic megacolon?

Toxic megacolon is when it becomes inflamed and swollen in the layers of the colon

Which are:

  • The mucosa
  • Submucosa
  • Muscular
  • Serous

In the end, it collapses.

When this happens, the colon collapses, stops functioning, widens, and ruptures, producing toxic megacolon or dilation of the colon in some super severe cases. In addition, if the person suffers from this severe condition can get ulcerative colitis and chron’s disease.

In addition to the above, the person cannot do two things:

  • – He/she does not pass gas or fart.
  • – He/she cannot poo either.

Then, all of the above builds up, and that is when the large intestine can rupture. If this happens, it can cause death because the bacteria spread to the abdomen and all sides. So be very careful.

What are the possible symptoms: Pay close attention to this information

  • A solid and uncontrollable stomach pain
  • High blood pressure
  • A kind of stretching or enlargement in the abdomen
  • You may have diarrhea, but with blood
  • A high fever
  • Your heart rate increases terribly
  • Excessive diarrhea
  • Every time you do, it hurts too much

I recommend that you eat this if your stomach gets inflamed.

  • Lots of water
  • Avoid: hot or icy foods, spicy foods, acidic foods
  • Detect which foods you are intolerant to and avoid.
  • Make teas, but without sugar
  • Fruits and vegetables, but with low acidity
  • No caffeine
  • Zero sodas or carbonated drinks
  • Forbidden: citrus fruits, fried, smoked, roasted, fatty foods
  • Fats
  • Nuts
  • Games in general
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Avocado
  • No raw food

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