Turd emoji 1
Turd emoji 1

Do you know what the turd emoji is? It is the same one that is shaped like a poo, only it has many synonyms, and that is one of them. Today I want to present you the story of Mason, he is a client of Petit poo, and he sent us a message telling us something that he happened to him.

It was a family trip.

It was the middle of the year, summertime, sun, beach, swimming pool, for many the best time of the year. So Mason decided to travel with his family to Los Cabos San Lucas, Baja California, he says it is a spectacular place.

It has an incredible view, private beach, pool, family activities, movie night, a delicious buffet restaurant. He regrets only having stayed four days three nights, although every moment they enjoyed it.

Mason has a girl and a boy. So the little girl braided herself; she was happy, while the little one was taken to activity with other children.

After they went to tour the place and found a unique pool for the little ones, it has different attractions there. So they decided to stay there for a long time since the children wanted to stay and live in the water.

Every time it was time to leave, the crying of each child was normal. He says it took almost 1 hour to getaway. This happens anywhere in the world, and it is part of the nature of the little ones.

Turd in a toilet bowl

Something that caught their attention is that they found some images of the “turd emoji”, but it is something that the site uses it. So surely it was someone, a child who left those photos and there with his family began to make jokes about it.

Although it is worth noting a unique situation for Mason, he has not been able to do a poo for two days. So he linked it to the topic as if it were some reminder.

Likewise, the trip continued, so they continued to enjoy eating everything, having some cocktails or beers; since they were on vacation, the idea was to spend a pleasant time together with their children.

The last day was coming.

This day they got up, went to breakfast, went to the pool for an hour, and from there, they had to get ready to deliver the room. During this process, they were at the reception waiting for the taxi to go to the airport.

Mason needed to go to the bathroom; what he had been waiting for more than four days arrived, and since you can’t tell your stomach, wait for me, it’s not a good time.

He had no choice but to run.

He says that he remembers every step he took since he opened the bathroom door; it all felt like a horror movie. First, because he was going to get the poo, and he was only thinking about being able to sit down.

When he entered the bathroom, a person came out, then, at that moment he was happy because he knew that he was going to be alone, he was aware of what he expected.

He sat on the cup, remembers a big explosion, came out, washed his hands, and felt that the bathroom was left smelling terrible. So he just said, “I’ll run away, so no one notices that it was me.”

To his surprise, the man who left before came back in, but with another person and just entered he said “Wow, but if this didn’t smell like that, who’s rotten stinks” and at this moment Mason looked.

How does the story end?

Mason had a shameful moment because of the bad smells, and when he came out of the bathroom, he told his wife about it. The rest of the story is that they return home and two years later is when they meet Petit Poo.

That’s when he remembers the story and says, “if he had met Petitpoo, he would not have been so embarrassed.

Turd emoji 2 (1)

When you see a turd emoji remember Petit Poo and Mason’s story

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