Tv show background Petit Poo: For some time now, we have received stories to from our clients, telling us about their multiple “accidents” or “uncomfortable moments.” That is why I will begin to narrate microcapsules today, but differently as if it were a television show.

My grandmother suffers from diarrhea.

Ceci is an 80-year-old woman, and due to her age, she began to suffer from diarrhea constantly for some time. That’s why Dyana, her 25-year-old granddaughter, wants us to tell about her case.

The beginning

It was a typical American summer, so the family decided to go on a Sunday to a beach in Miami; at the best time of year, you have to take advantage of the sun, sea, bikini, and along the way, they brought food for a picnic.

The walk members were Ceci, Dyana, Luz (Brianna and Alex’s mother), and Luz’s children.

When they arrived, they looked for an ideal place to store their things and the picnic. The first to go to sea were the youngest, Brianna and Alex. So, Dyana was close to them to take care of them. They lasted there for an hour, and when hunger struck, they came out of the water.

The development

The picnic consisted of sandwiches, Daddy’s salad, Brownie, and some apple juice. Each one ate his own with great joy to pass this moment, and the idea was to rest for at least 45 minutes before returning to the sea.

So they started playing with the ball they had brought. Meanwhile, Luz said, “I’m going to take my mom to the bathroom,” She referred to Ceci.

The problem

Luz says that the first bathroom they found was closed, so she asked and had to go super far. However, walking, Ceci said, “I’m not going to get there,” and she indeed was not telling a lie.

When they got to the bathroom, there were many people; then Ceci finished doing in the toilet. After that, the bathroom began to smell as if the demon had descended to the ground.

People started making comments, they left, and when others entered, they went right there. Since the other bathroom was closed, this was the only one that worked.

The end

  • The bathroom was smelling rotten, they came and closed the bathroom. In other words, the people had nowhere to enter because the other was undergoing maintenance.
  • Second, practically the entire beach realized what happened.
  • Third, when she got to the car, the smell was also impregnated (as I told you, she said, “I’m not going to get there”)
  • Fourth, years later, she met Petit Poo, and today there is an eliminator in the bathroom of her house, in the office, in her car, and all of her family and friends have one.
  • Fifth, this happens without Petit Poo; if Ceci and her family had our sanitary odor eliminator, another story would have been so smelly.
  • You know why it’s called “Tv show background Petit Poo.”

In this case, the special kit for Ceci would have been.

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