Why do i poop every morning when i wake up? Doing Poo every morning and establishing a routine with your gut is the most important thing of the day. Today, you will learn one thing: this topic is the same when a baby is taught certain habits. So pay close attention, and if you have a bath spray, you will not have any problem.

And the question of the day: Why do I poo right after eating?

Let’s start with the normal process. 

You had lunch with your family, laughed, told anecdotes, and then finished with a delicious dessert, like a Philly Cheesesteak at Jim’s. Once you eat the food, it goes straight to the stomach; the food is reduced when it passes through the small intestine and ends up in the large intestine or as it is also known as the colon, and from there, 30 minutes later …

What is petitpoo?

Petit Poo is a new way to block odors from toilets; BEFORE the smell is in the air, create a layer on the surface of the water that prevents the exit of unwanted odors, leaving a soft and pleasant scent.

Why do you poo every morning when you wake up?

Usually, you have dinner at night, and it is recommended to eat something light. For example, a Clam chowder; since you are no longer going to do any activity, you will only sleep; both your mental part and your physical part will be in a rest mode. We already saw why you poo after eating, to add that instead of running to the bathroom, you simply have beautiful dreams.

You go straight to the bathroom with your petit poo.

Dr. Kenneth L. Koch, MD, Head of the Gastroenterology Section at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, says that our digestive system is trying to digest and absorb what we eat at night properly. When you open your eyes in the morning, the large intestine finishes the process, and that’s when it turns into Poo. Many people will not poo because of the foul smell in the bathroom toilet. First of all, the worst thing you can do is avoid going to the bathroom and because you are embarrassed by the smell that poo causes.

Meet the petit poo kits

Happy kit: 1 cloud industrial size (Institutional Azul), one green apple dropper, and 1 strawberry dropper

Revolution kit: 1 cloud and one oasis men industrial/home size

The ultimate kit: 1 cloud dropper, one cloud industrial/ home size and one sugar flower dropper

Endurance kit: 1 green apple dropper, one strawberry dropper, and 1 cloud dropper

Use them BEFORE using the bathroom and go out as nothing happened

Why do i poop every morning when i wake up


But if you don’t go to the bathroom, what happens?

When it passes through the colon, it takes all the not digested waste in this process, combines it with bacteria and other debrisbecoming Poo. That is why typically, after eating, you run to the bathroom a person who does not suffer from constipation poo at least three times a week. But if there are fewer trips to the bathroom, you may be suffering from constipation or hemorrhoids. And this case pays close attention.

Have bowel habits

It is super important to create routines for our body: open our eyes, get up, drink coffee, then go to the bathroom, and sit on the toilet. This action is already telling your brain, “it’s time to poo and use Petit Poo,” and at the end of the National Mall in Washington by bike, go to work by taking the train at 30th Street Station or take a walk on the Historic downtown Philadelphia.

But if instead of this you, you get up, you bathe in a hurry, half breakfast and leave with a rush. There you are already skipping the habit that you created in your body. In these moments is when the irregularity begins. If you want your Poo to be like a clock, you must have bowel habits. Dr. Stephen B. Hanauer, Medical Director, Center for Digestive Health, says so.

But how is it achieved?

  • Food is vital in this process. Eat foods rich in fiber or buy it and dissolve it in water or juice
  • Whole-grain foods
  • Fruits: pears, apples, oranges, etc.
  • Dehydrated fruit pieces
  • Vegetables
  • Less fat
  • Enough water
  • Do exercise
  • Do not eat late
  • Do not hold if you feel like having poop. Because if you avoid it, you are causing yourself to suffer from constipation

What is the best toilet odor spray?

  • Know the benefits of Petit Poo
  • Act BEFORE the odor is exposed.
  • It is not an air freshener
  • Does not mix odors.
  • Single dosed.
  • It does not make sounds
  • Blocks up to 98% of bad odors.
  • It does not damage the Ozon layer

And if you wonder: where can i buy petitpoo?

You are in the right place; click here to buy the bath spray and use it BEFORE you poo.

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