Why is my cat following me to the bathroom? It is the question that begins the following story starring Brianna. She tells me that she is a cat lover and prefers felines more because they are more independent.

It was a hot morning.

Brianna opened her eyes, and the first thing she did was a bolt for the bathroom. She had terrible diarrhea because she went every 15 minutes, and she didn’t stop him with anything. Although she saw her cat go into the bathroom after her, she says that she always follows her where she goes.

There she adds that the bathrooms do this because they seek a cold refuge; they seek to satisfy some needs such as food, water, caresses, protection. So they look a bit like human beings in that respect.

So when you ask yourself why is my cat following me to the bathroom? It’s because they need us.

Back to the topic

Brianna had terrible diarrhea, so she remembered that her mother gave her a lot of flour when she was like this.

At this moment, she decided to eat bread, an egg, and tea. After breakfast, she ran out to the bathroom; when she was there, she heard that they had sent her a message by WhatsApp “Party at Steven’s house tonight.”

When she got out of the bathroom, she saw the message and answered, “I’ll be right there.” Then she remembered her stomach problem that she woke up with. However, she ignored it; she called her mother, she gave her a cookbook hoping that she would be fine for the night.

When night comes

Our friend noticed that she had lasted all afternoon without having diarrhea, and she thought, “I’m fine now.” So she began to fix herself, she lasted more than an hour watching her wear, she put on divine makeup, what’s more, she sent us the photo of her, but she did not authorize us to publish it.

Later, she asked for an Uber and went straight to the party; she decided not to go in her car because she thought about the drink she was going to have. Moments later, she came to her friends, and indeed everyone told her, “you are spectacular.”

And she started the party.

Upon entering, she was offered some drinks, she completely forgot diarrhea, and she not only took this, but she also ate everything, pizza, French fries, chocolate, gummies, ice cream, and so she continued with the list.

An hour later. Yes, the digestive problems came to the fore; she was the only guest, but a couple of farts entered the party.

Brianna was aware of the situation, so she concealed herself by going out onto the balcony and “getting some air”.

Brianna flew to the bathroom.

She began to feel an intense stomach ache; she began to feel the urgency of a toilet, so the first thing she did was go get her purse. I think you must be saying, “why don’t you go to the bathroom”, I also said the same, and you’ll see why.

Next, she very elegantly walked to the bathroom; there was a line, so, smiling, asking all the saints to hold on, sweating and not precisely because of the heat. She waited.

She says it was the longest 3 minutes of her entire life.

She got her turn

Brianna couldn’t walk, and she doesn’t understand how it wasn’t made into her pants. However, he managed to enter the bathroom, and with his exact words, I copy “with my strength I took my Petitpoo out of my wallet I never left him, and that day he saved my life, with diarrhea and everything, but I was not ashamed of bad smells.”

For my initial question, “why does my cat follow me to the bathroom”, my moon always accompanies me as well as my Petitpoo


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