Poop stink: Going into the bathroom and having it smell bad or stinky is terrible! That is why analyzing all the situations that I have gone through throughout my life; I asked myself: Why does poop stink so bad? In this case, use a poop spray.


There are many foods high in sulfur that cause poo to smell like eggs. What foods are they?: meat, milk, yogurt or dairy products, garlic, broccoli, asparagus, garlic, fish, cabbage, cauliflower, ham, breast, cabbage, or a great barbecue at the famous Sloppy’s Mama in Washington.


  • It is super important that you consume these types of foods rich in sulfur because it helps the skin and bones
  • Tissue formation
  • Sulfur is like collagen
  • Helps the joints
  • But, attention the excess of these foods can cause weakness in the skin, osteoporosis, decrease in muscle mass, poor healing
  • This is the reason why sulfur, when you eat a lot, causes you gas (It is very typical)
  • So there is nothing wrong with this type of food, I would say that It is essential
  • Poop stink

Alimentary intolerance

Refers to specific allergies that occur when ingesting lactose, for example. Today it is customary to hear, “I drink almond milk, coconut milk, because I am lactose intolerant.”

What is the reason for this intolerance?

  • If since childhood the child has not tried certain foods, it is inevitable that when he grows up, he will become allergic
  • Lack of Vitamin D
  • Some medications can alter the behavior of the colon
  • Diseases can cause this bad


And yes, excessive alcohol consumption produces a high sulfate content. Cocktail enters the body, it goes through its process, but there comes a time because of this ingredient. It would help if you had petitpoo.

Because when you drink a lot, you cause dehydration, your body needs water, and therefore, when you go to the bathroom, it finally turns into a gas and well … 3 drops are essential BEFORE using the toilet.

Burgers, hot dogs, pizza, soda, etc.


If you eat a lot of these foods, that is no secret to anyone. They are unhealthy at all! Because:

  • They are full of fat
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods
  • The body is not able to process correctly

Therefore, they cause gas, indigestion, and if you suffer from constipation, poor you. Indigestion is enemy number one, and when you manage to do a poo, then logically, this is the resultā€”a pretty foul smell.

Sure, nobody makes roses in the bathroom.


Many medicines have certain ingredients that cause gas, digestive problems, and quite smelly poo. Besides, if you add to this, you don’t have good habits, you don’t exercise, and you don’t drink a lot of water. Well, everything gets complicated.


I’m going to give you an example, what happens if we leave a house without cleaning it for a long time. Indeed, it will have a lot of dust, dirt; the windows will be dirty, the pots will be unwashed, the walls will be in poor condition.

So, to avoid this, we regularly do cleaning to prevent house decay.

The same happens with our body, as it takes more time for it to do its process so that it ends in poo. It will cause us to decompose inside, and when we bathe the bathroom, we will leave it so that no one can enter.

The same happens with our body, as it takes more time for it to do its process so that it ends in poo. It will cause us to decompose inside, and when we bathe the bathroom, we will leave it so that no one can enter.


Before going to the bathroom

  • Have a balanced diet
  • Eat fiber in your diet
  • Always have the best poo spray on hand (You will not want to be declared unwelcome because of the smell you leave)

Change to a new lifestyle

It will sound strange, but if you make a change in diet, your body will necessarily receive it. For example, eating fewer carbohydrates, or you are cutting out protein, consuming less milk, or you decided to have lunch at Sweetgreen to eat a delicious salad from the buffet in Washington.

And if you wonder: “My toilet still smells after cleaning”

There if you have a severe problem, in this case, use a toilet odor blocker.

Use Petitpoo

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