Words for poop 1
Words for poop 1

If I start this blog saying “words for poop,” I’m sure you’re going to look at me weird, and I understand you. However, I come with this phrase to start my story today, remember. If you have something you want to tell me, write to info@petitpoo.com.

Today he will introduce you to Will’s story

Kathy, Will’s mother, sent this story, and it was a very uncomfortable moment that she experienced at school.

Will is a 15-year-old pre-teen, a fan of superheroes, pancakes, and action movies. Our friend always spends his time fighting with his little sister Bea, who is six years old, because she wants to play with everything Will has in her room.

He says that she breaks it, and Bea says that Will is envious. Anyway, if you have siblings, you will know how this situation is.

I continue with the story.

Kathy describes herself as an obsessive person with cleanliness; she likes everything to be in her place; if she moves some adornment a little, she there herself she realizes it. So, she likewise she is her with her children, and above all, she emphasizes the order of their rooms, the drawers, the clothes, shoes, toys, in short, everything must be impeccable.

The same is the order of the bathroom; she says that whoever enters it seems from a catalog, is well decorated, shines, and smells delicious. She even tells us the following: “My Petitpoo always accompanies me; my children know that there is no reason for it to smell bad if we have the solution.”

She always carries a Petit poo in her purse.

Kathy always has a Petitpoo in her purse, another in the car, another in the office, and her children’s suitcases always have an odor eliminator on them. That is why she has avoided various awkward moments, as an example

Will’s microhistory

One day Will was in math class at school when he wanted to go to the bathroom. But they were on an exam and therefore the teacher was not going to let him out until he finished.

At that time, he began to feel more stomach pain, Will commented to the teacher, but he did not believe him; he thought it was an excuse for not taking the exam.

So he continued as he could and handed the blade to him. After he ran to the bathroom, at that moment, he rang the bell to go to rest, so the toilet had been filled.

Moments later, Will went into the bathroom, did number 2, and that’s when he realized the little forgetfulness about him.

At that moment he remembered his mother because she always puts a Petit poo in her suitcase and as he ran away he did not think about that detail.

What he had to do, because he couldn’t stay and live in the bathroom. So he raised his head he closed his ears because they knew that he would make fun of others for the foul smell that he left in the bathroom.

Define poop

When he returned home, he told his mom, “the word for poop is Petit poo,” and she didn’t understand anything.

Will arrived angry because his classmates had made fun of him; in fact, he did not want to go to school the next day. However, his mother encouraged him and reminded him that that is why

Words for poop 2 (1)

Kathy buys a Petit poo for each one.

Will: He has the black Petit Poo, that is, Oasis men

Bea: She always carries the purple Petit Poo, that is, the Sugar Flower

Lucy: Never leaves the red Petitpoo, that is, the strawberry flake

For the car, she has the blue one, that is, the cloud flake

In the office, he has green, that is, tree of paradise


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